Union Camera Hong Kong Ltd.

Union Camera Hong Kong Ltd strives to become the world’s largest international distributor specializing in global distribution solutions for tier-1 branded consumer goods. For any brand and region where supply-demand imbalance exists, we provide the best solution, the fastest and the most comprehensive way to match suppliers’ dynamic requirements with customers’ ever-changing needs. We constantly explore new demands and develop new markets.

We are committed to building long-term relationships based on our 3 guiding principles: 1) Trust and Reliability 2) Win-Win and Sharing 3) Create Value With trust, reliability and win-win cooperation, Union Camera has maintained long-term friendly relationship with suppliers and customers. Union Camera attaches great importance to the relations with suppliers, ensuring that all transactions comply with suppliers’ wishes and guidance, strictly following the fixed rules, especially about distribution channels and areas. In terms of creating value, we particularly have strength in exploring new categories and developing potential customers especially those whom are difficult to be or not yet effectively covered by brands, such as undeveloped, developing or remote areas, even tiny islands.  Sales channels include the border shops, in-flight sales, gift companies, private clubs, duty-free shops, Friend Circle, Wechat Shop and United Nations Organizations. Until now, there are 3000 business partners from over 100 countries working with Union. More than 16,000 items are dealt in every year and there are always 10,000 products stocked in our warehouse with a growth rate over 2 digits annually.